What We Do

Photo by Fety Puja Amelia on Pexels.com

This free, open-access program is designed to support current and recently graduated Melbourne Fashion Students, who are actively looking into exploring the future direction of their fashion career.

At the Melbourne Fashion Hub we provide:

  • Self directed insight into business practices that need to be incorporated, to ensure that designers are confident in presenting their brand/vision to potential customers and the industry; 
  • A supportive pop-up retail environment for emerging designers to connect with their audience and the wider fashion community; 
  • Connection to like-minded individuals;
  • Assistance in clarifying who their customers are and/or what type of designer they are looking to be in the marketplace.

Our Program

The outcome of this free, open-access program culminates in Melbourne fashion students and recent graduates across all Melbourne based institutions, showcasing and selling their work, directly to the public, by way of a temporary pop-up retail event.

We look to work with students and graduates at all levels and stages of their journey with a particular interest in working with designers who incorporate the following into their practice:

  • gender-free clothing
  • non-ageist clothing
  • size inclusivity
  • modest fashion
  • clothing with particular focus on responsible and ethical manufacturing
  • adaptive fashion
  • maternity wear

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