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Melbourne Fashion Hub (MFH) is an independent body offering an innovative and free open access program to Melbourne fashion students and recent graduates. This is the first initiative of its kind in Australia.

The recently created Melbourne Fashion Hub is the brainchild of Julia Browne – Founder of Style Shifter Media.  Julia identified a gap between education and business for current and recently graduated students. Julia created Melbourne Fashion Hub to address this gap and assist with providing future work opportunities for students.

Melbourne Fashion Hub seeks to nurture entrepreneurship in emerging designers, committed to the process of self-development to ultimately gain a better understanding of their practice and future career pathways.

Our mission

Melbourne Fashion Hub’s mission is to :

  • Empower the next generation of emerging Australian fashion talent to continue their practice, and provide an opportunity for them to connect with their audience and industry to explore possible future pathways into work.
  • Assist designers in clarifying who their customers are and/or what type of designer they wish to be in the marketplace.
  • Provide a platform to celebrate diversity, innovation, and ethical practice of emerging design talent while contributing to the capacity building of the Australian Fashion Industry.
  • Help provide greater visibility of Australian fashion talent to local and global markets.


MFH vision is for our community to value emerging designers as vital contributors to the sector, innovators, disruptors, and early adopters of responsible and ethical work practices – by providing opportunities and support that will enable them to realise their full potential, become active members of the community and contribute to broader thinking, and the economy.


  • Empower others 
    • MFH are not educators but facilitators, empowering designers to become best prepared for engagement with customers and industry in a supportive environment.
  • Access and equity 
    • MFH welcomes interest from all current Melbourne students and recent graduates committed to the program.
  • Striving for better 
    • With this program, we’re not looking for designers to aim for perfection but to strive for better in their personal design journeys and exploration into responsible and ethical work practices.
  • Creating a community 
    • Through creating this program, we aim to foster relationships of support and collaboration between participants.
  • Integrity and respect 
    • We aim to create a safe, inclusive, fair, and respectful environment.

Melbourne Fashion Hub is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.

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