MFH Pop-up Events

MFH Inaugural Launch Event

March 26, 2021
6:00 PM

We were proud that our inaugural event Examining Fashion As Design, was promoted by National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) as part of the Melbourne Design Week 2021 Program, and hosted by Melbourne-based independent design duo Preston Zly Design in their retail space (and former bank building) The VAULT 389 on 26th March. At the launch, we learnt more about our designers and their work practice.

This was followed by a weekend pop-up inside The VAULT 389 from 27th -28th March, where there was the opportunity to meet the designers one-on-one, and purchase their unique works.

This event was part of Melbourne Design Week 2021, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV. #MelbourneDesignWeek #NGV @NGVMelbourne

This is a COVIDsafe event, please read our COVID guidelines


* Goods sold by vendors (student/graduate fashion designers) during MELBOURNE FASHION HUB  pop-up events.

The sale of goods and associated services and transactions associated with the sale, are the sole responsibility of the vendor (student/graduate fashion designer)  Melbourne Fashion Hub the, host (Preston Zly), and the host venue (The VAULT 389) or any other resident designers therein, does not control and accepts no liability for sale of goods nor for any loss, damage, returns, or refunds by the vendor .

Image credits – stylist Bianca Christoff, Photographer Craig Banks

A little about our hosts

Preston Zly are Melbourne based artisan duo Johanna Preston and Petr Zly who produce exclusive hand-made footwear .

Johanna Preston, born 1967, Melbourne, Victoria. Petr Zly, born 1961, Brno, Czech Republic; arrived in Australia 1968. Preston Zly Design was established in 1995 in a North Fitzroy warehouse workshop, where they began experimenting with shape, form, materials and techniques using mostly basic hand tools.

Johanna studied under master shoemaker George Koleff, and completed a certificate of orthopaedic and bespoke footwear at the Melbourne College of Textiles in 1993. Petr studied Fine Art at RMIT University and graduated in 1987. After collaborating together for a period of five years, they officially formed Preston Zly Design. They honed their skills while creating one-off bespoke creations, but soon expanded into small scale boutique production.

The shoes
Preston Zly shoes are hand-made , bespoke creations; taking their inspiration from footwear and art movements of all historical eras and reinterpreted for a contemporary urban lifestyle.
Built for sustainable longevity Preston Zly use natural materials such as leather and wood which allows them to be re-soled and buffed.

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